Quatre couronnes entremêlées, 2016

Felice Varini

Acrylic paint on wall, carpet and windows
Variable dimension

© 2016, Felice Varini

Image copyright ©Felice Varini

Space creates new realities

These two paintings by Varini operate in the lineage of op-art. They are illusions that question the nature of the flat painterly surface, architecture and the way we perceive space. Viewed head on the 2016 work Ellipses concentriques et noires consists of five yellow and purple ellipses orbiting each other. When seen from the correct angle they seem to float mid-air, creating something like a quantum tunnel to another dimension. One that has inexplicably formed in an otherwise perfectly normal office corridor. Shift your position however; and the illusion breaks. We see that the ellipses are merely marks on disparate bits of the wall and on columns of the corridor. Likewise in Quatre couronnes entremêlées, 2016 ­– again from one particular point of view – it seems four interconnecting orange circles block one’s passage though another corridor. Take a step to the left, or a step to the right, however, and the obstacle melts away.

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