Series, A,B,C,D, 2013

Shirana Shahbazi

Printmaking (Transfer print on Trevia textile), set of 4
170 x 210 cm, each

Image copyright Stefan Altenburger

I try to be polite and let my images introduce themselves.

"Photography", says Shahbazi, "is always suspended between authenticity, construction and selection... a balancing act that is, to me, its quintessential justification as an artistic medium".

In this series of photographic works made for the foyer of Swiss Re's Headquarters, she has combined figurative images of recognisable items such as flowers - things that one would find in classical art genres - which then are superimposed on hard-edged blocks and grids of bright colours. This layering process ensures that our eye constantly jumps around the image.

Shahbazi has been described as a "detached and skilful chronicler of the everyday", but what is she telling us in her photographs? She offers no direct interpretation. "I try to be polite and let the images introduce themselves", she has said.

Shahbazi is no stranger to Swiss Re. In 2004 Shirana was offered a "carte blanche" at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue (Conference and Education Centre), which allowed her to immerse in a different topic and to create a specific work which was fulfilled in a book with the title "Risk is our Business".