Sketch II, 2006

Olivier Mosset

Acrylic on cotton duck
900 x 1400 cm overall, 7 panels

© 2006, Olivier Mosset

Image copyright Stefan Altenburger

I want to create a dialogue with art history.

"There is always something interesting about a work that you don’t really understand", says Mosset. "If you know where it comes from right away, it loses a kind of quality…If I can do a painting that simply says: 'shut up', I’ll be happy." Does this statement apply to Mosset’s Sketch II? Despite Mosset being known as the co-founder of the BMPT art group (along with Daniel Buren, Michel Parmentier and Niele Toroni) that sought to disrupt the traditional status of painting, he has a great respect for the artists who preceded him. Partly inspired by Alexander Rodchenko’s 1920s monochrome paintings, he has also expressed admiration for other artists who have used abstraction, including Kasimir Malevich and Ad Reinhardt. "I want to create a dialogue with art history", he has said. But Mosset is never straightforward and has also said in reference to his own abstract paintings: "…but I always made a point of saying that I never painted monochromes, they’re just paintings." So where does this leave us, the viewer? In a work like Sketch II, we can make these connections with art from the past, or we can simply stand in front of the work, look and make up our own mind.

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