Umland, 2014


Mixed media
Various dimensions

© 2014, huber.huber

Our main topics deal with the ambivalent relationship between civilisation and nature. This means we take on topical and social questions; hopes, fears, faith and failure of humanity.

In the Umland series, we see collaged images of the natural landscape, into which incongruous items have been placed. In one, a stone sculpture of a woman is placed within a conglomeration of glacial landscapes.

In addition, each collage has small breaches – displacements: for instance, waterfalls flow upwards, the sky becomes landscape, the icy landscape creates antique Greek statues. Physical laws are thrown overboard; perceptions are questioned.

From the cosmic landscape, the visitor reaches in his/her room a part of the micro cosmos and finds there the "recrystallisation" crystals like they could have been created in the surreal landscapes.

Installation shots

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