Projected Resisted Compressed (Panel System A), 2012

Liam Gillick

100 Lacquered MDF panels
Dimensions of panels (50 x 50 cm and 100 x 50 cm)

Image copyright Gunnar Meier

What we know is that contemporary art resists and embraces its own interrogation –that’s what makes it contemporary art.

Above eye level hang 100 MDF panels of different square sizes, ranging from black to white, showing abstract patterns. At first glance they look like a row of ventilation grills, but the overall effect is a subtle minimalist ballet of shapes. Would you notice they are there? Or if they serve a purpose? Gillick has often talked about what he calls the "disinterested viewer", especially in relation to office workers who spend much of their time walking daily through their semi-public environments without really noticing the architectural space around them. He is acutely aware of how our built environment can change the way we live our lives. However, these artworks, with their enigmatic, deadpan titles question their social and cultural value and Gillick prefers to avoid a didactic interpretation of his work.

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