Relational Relation Screen, 2004

Liam Gillick

Powder-coated aluminium
40 x 300 x 20 cm

Image copyright Stefan Altenburger

Each day I start at an empty table. Often in a new city. This is the only way I have found to ensure that each day I can avoid the question of what to make and instead ask myself if it is useful or interesting to be an artist at all.

"Suspended Discussion", "Projected Retraction", "Filtered Reduction", "Resisted Projection". Gillick's mysterious, yet intriguing, naming system for his brightly coloured, powder coated, aluminium constructions, such as this one which hugs the carpet and office wall, offer little clues as to what the work might mean. But Gillick has always avoided a singular interpretation because, as he has said: "A lot of my projects and structures are not resolved...The points of entry into the idea are multiple." However, he likes to explore the role of the artist in a non-gallery space like Swiss Re, in particular, as he has explained: "the idea that the artist might be able to make things 'better' is still a commonly-held notion."

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