Revised Meditation Screen, 2004

Liam Gillick

Polished lacquered aluminium
270 x 200 x 5 cm, each screen

Image copyright Stefan Altenburger

A lot of my projects and structures are not resolved… The point of entry into the idea is multiple.

Does the title of Gillick's piece suggest either an object or a site of contemplation? If so, this is not your average screen, but more like a skeleton frame. So what is Gillick's intention? Coming from a generation of artists who actively absorbed the language and re-thinking of design and decoration within their methods, Gillick has talked about the real, practical potential of art within public and semi-public spaces, and has worked on many public projects in which the function of the space is more important than simply making an artwork. Does Revised Meditation Screen work for you? What does it make you think about as you sit by it, walk past it, or look at a picture of it on your computer?

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