Broken Chain B 4:55, 2001

Angela Bulloch

5 x 10 pixel elements
50 x 50 x 50 cm, each box

© 2006, Angela Bulloch

Image copyright Stefan Altenburger

Mathematics and aesthetics come together in Bulloch's colourful sculpture. Broken Chain B 4:55 is made up of a series of so-called pixel boxes, each of which are connected to a dmx modular system that is programmed to regulate the coloured combinations to the desired effect. Bulloch has created a series of these works, but this one is set to reflect the colours of the late Italian artist Andre Cadere's much admired sculpture Bars of Wood (1970).
This work resides in the IT department in one of our Zurich offices. This is a good fit because pixel boxes are highly complex systems like those often found in IT. Sometimes a small "mistake" is required for one to even appreciate quality and complexity. It's only when a system is not working perfectly that we take a closer look and realise all that it involves. Thus Bulloch's work denotes the highly complex work carried out by IT.