Untitled, 2013 – 2017

Kerstin Brätsch

Glass, cast aluminium frame
498 x 275 x 7 cm

© 2014, Kerstin Brätsch

Image copyright Stefan Altenburger

Working with craft is a lot about upholding a forgotten knowledge, that’s in danger of not being passed on.

In the window inserted above the staircase that leads down to the passage connecting the Altbau with Swiss Re Next, one can identify brightly coloured, somewhat fragmented faces: slightly displaced eyes here, the suggestion of a mouth there. Elsewhere, Kerstin Brätsch stresses the transparency of her material. This window, like the one skylight in the passage, is reminiscent on her series of Mylar Paintings. Here she arranges three transparent polyester sheets painted with oils in a row. This creates a three-layered picture that can be combined in various ways, asserting itself in the space at the same time as giving a free view of the background. Brätsch uses the one-stroke style, loading her brush with multiple colours and releasing bold masterstrokes in a single gesture across the clear surface. The result is a spontaneous and elaborate ribboning of colour. With the help of Zurich glass painter Urs Rickenbach, Brätsch has now translated her painting into a different material - glass. Mounted into an aluminium frame, the various glass elements come together to form the huge window. The shape of that frame is re-appearing as sgraffito across the north side of the southwest atrium covering its full height and width. "The frame…is cast onto the wall as a kind of silhouette”, says Brätsch. She breaks down the proud figure of the painter into a plethora of different roles and joint projects. Precisely in such cooperation with others, her work comes into its own.

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