Dialog, 2015

Roland Ammann

Sculpture, neon tube installation, 25 parts
Between 6 and 12 cm, each

© 2015, Roland Ammann

Image copyright Stefan Altenburger

Light is my inspiration and passion. It is charged with energy, it is ethereal and comforting, it dispels darkness and inspires hope for the future.

Our impression of a stranger is formed within the first seven seconds of meeting apparently. Swiss Re’s Centre of Global Dialogue brings people together from around the world to meet and discuss a wide variety of pressing issues. So it stands that the moment a visitor enters a building like this, a place where decisions are made, friendships and alliances are formed, is a critically important one. Wherever in the world the centre’s visitors are from however, there is a chance that Roland Ammann’s work will greet them in their mother tongue. ‘Welcome’ is spelt out in neon in twelve languages, while the word ‘dialogue’ is written in nine. Lastly the four core values of the centre burn bright too: ‘Create, engage, renew and value.’