Roland Ammann


*1965 in Ulm, Germany

Lives in Affoltern/Albis, works with light installation

About the Work

Next time you walk into a gallery and see a work made of neon; chances are Roland Ammann is behind its fabrication. Ammann became fascinated with neon after an apprenticeship with a German glassmaker in 1987. Since then he has produced the ‘million neon rainbows’ (to borrow a line from a Cole Porter song) that can be found burning brightly in museums and galleries internationally. Yet they’ve not all been for other artists: Ammann maintains his own practice, developing a body of personal work that mixes humour with the allure of light. ‘Light is my inspiration and passion’ Ammann says. ‘It is charged with energy, it is ethereal and comforting, it dispels darkness and inspires hope for the future. ’

Commissioned Art