Michael Linares


*1979 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Lives in San Juan, works with painting, film, installation and sculpture

About the Work

Michael Linares’ work could truly be termed “meta” – artworks that are concerned with how we come to see and perceive something “as art”. Even if Linares’ approach is conceptual and structural, his works are far from dry and overly highbrow. Instead, the feel is decidedly light and playful.

Michael Linares often starts with the everyday and uses small gestures and poetic interventions to re-direct our focus towards these details and structures we tend to overlook. Funny and witty as they are, his works easily manage to captivate our minds. On the most abstract level, though, Linares is concerned with the production of meaning. What is it that makes us believe that objects, texts or images are communicating a certain message? How does something gain a certain value and a form of meaning? Of course, there are countless ways for this. And art is one of those.