Jorge Pardo


*1963 in Havana, Cuba

Lives in Los Angeles, works with prints, painting, drawing, object design, interior design, architecture and installation

About the Work

Many misread Pardo's work as an anonymous zone between fine art and design while it is actually a rich convergence of both. His earliest exhibited objects were baseball bats and shipping pallets customised with teak, a process undermining their functional and symbolic value through rendition in an exotic material in a gallery context. He has since produced other objects like his "decorative" ink jet prints that jam together the traditionally opposed domains of art and design, fine art and applied art, high and low. He has made fabrics, ceramics and books, tables, beds and sofas as well as prints, paintings and glass lamps - functional objects that also function as art objects. His artistic practice is primarily concerned with the relationship of his work to other forms of production.

Art Collection