Wade Guyton
*1972 in Hammond, USA

Kelley Walker
*1969 in Columbus, USA

Guyton\Walker is a joint project by Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker.
They live in New York and work with painting, sculpture and installation

About the Work

The Guyton\Walker project, launched by Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker while sharing a studio in New York in the 2000s, is a kind of iteration and mutation. For one thing, Guyton\Walker is a third artistic identity, which is why the name is always addressed in the singular, as if it were a real person. For another, the two artists behind the project do not completely disappear as they would in an anonymous collective. But albeit a separate identity, Guyton and Walker do not always work “for” Guyton\Walker together. “Once we had developed and established the shared vocabulary,” says Walker, “we often work on the project independently, according to what is possible and fits better.” This is pragmatic, not unlike the nonchalant approach to pictures cultivated by Guyton\Walker.

Commissioned Art