Franz Ackermann


*1963 in Neumarkt-Sankt Veit, Germany

Lives in Berlin and Karlsruhe, works with painting, drawing, photography, prints and mixed media

About the Work

Franz Ackermann is what you may call a “travelling artist”. In his work spanning more than 25 years, he is concerned with the dialectics of place and movement, time and memory.

Ackermann’s work ranges from small collages, drawings and watercolours he calls “mind maps” to larger canvasses, installations and even sprawling wall paintings, covering complete rooms from top to bottom. In his exhibitions, Ackermann often combines different works to form large-scale and all-encompassing environments. The world according to Ackermann is non-hierarchical and rich on perspectives. His work is both a take on objective techniques of mapping – like street maps – and a psycho-geographical and associative depiction of what it means to be a part of the very situation that’s being mapped. Ackermann’s is a world in which the subjective and objective are seemingly interchangeable.

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