Series, 2012

Tobias Madison

Titles of individual works:

  • Blackstar 1-5
  • Andromeda Beachstar 1-2
  • Solaris 1-4
  • Redstar (ascending)
  • Bluestar, Darkstar

Plexiglass boxes, inkjet prints on mylar, cables, light
200 x 200 x 20 cm, each

© 2012, Tobias Madison

Image copyright Gunnar Meier

It was thrilling for me to be working in the building of a company that carries out such incredibly complex and all-encompassing calculations. With that in mind, I've tried to create a world which invites observers to lose themselves in it.

Artist? Researcher? Editor? Collaborator?
The variety of Madison’s art encompasses all of these, with an emphasis on research and process. Sculpture, video, computer-generated painting, audio, text, photography and digital scans – he uses all these forms to create an ongoing narrative with no beginning or end. Part of this narrative appears in his creation for us that includes 20 coloured acrylic light boxes that incorporate digital drawings based on a Photoshop code. Each box has distinct lighting, which is made deliberately apparent by the cables and bulbs that we can see within, as if giving us a glimpse into his particular thought processes. The question we ask ourselves is not "What are we looking at?" But "How are we looking?"